Upcoming Nicaraguan Investment Conference

My friend and colleague, Kevin Fleming recently shared with me a project he is involved with in Nicaragua. I have endorsed some of Kevin’s deals in the past and this one looks like it has potential. Costa Rica and Panama have offered great appreciation over the last ten years and it looks like Nicaragua might be the next play in the Central American real estate market. I am including some details below. If you are interested, contact me and I will get you in touch with Kevin.

In celebration of the release of Phase 2 at Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort and the amazing new investment-friendly progress within the country of Nicaragua, Grupo Mariana Family of Resorts is proud to host “Nicaraguan Abundance: Live, Invest and Grow,” December 3-6 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Managua, Nicaragua.

“Nicaraguan Abundance: Live, Invest and Grow” is a three-day business and culture immersion conference tailored for the savvy real estate investor. We will guide you through exactly what you need to know to successfully invest and do business in Nicaragua, allow ample time to network with colleagues, and then be your personal hosts for a day immersed in the sunshine and culture of the New Nicaragua.

You’ll meet a select group of real estate professionals already living and working in the Nicaragua…You’ll check out great places to live…You’ll get all of your questions answered about investment in Nicaragua…

• You learn about opportunities for the forward thinking investor
• You’ll learn more information about our Joint Venture Offerings
• You’ll find out how you can buy real estate in your IRA, 401 (K) or other
qualified retirement plans
• You’ll learn about title insurance and meet approved Nicaraguan Law Firms
from First American Title Insurance Company and Stewart Title Guarantee.
• You’ll meet members of the Grupo Mariana Development Team
• You’ll learn how you can get involved in the country that many are calling
the next Costa Rica.
• You’ll learn how you can participate in fascinating business opportunities
available in one of Central America’s fastest growing countries.
• You’ll discover how you can earn potentially stratospheric returns on
pristine, pure beachfront real estate.
• You’ll see how you can enjoy a tropical lifestyle for far less than you’d
spend at home.
• And many other details…

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